What are Benefits of Metro Rail MRT Pass or Rapid Pass?

Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited (DMTCL) launched Dhaka Metro rail services from Uttara to Motijheel on January 20, 2024. Currently, metro trains run on the Uttara-Motijheel-Uttara route from 7:10 am to 9:40 pm daily without Friday. The first train will leave Uttara at 7:10 am and the last train will depart Motijheel at 9:40 pm. This has increased the crowd at metro stations than before. There is a long line to get tickets. Both MRT Pass and Rapid Pass have been launched for regular commuters of the metro rail to bypass ticket queues since the beginning. So, to avoid the trouble of this long line, you can easily use the MRT pass. There are many opportunities for this. Metro rail has earned popularity in the city of traffic congestion.

People are using three types of passes for this public transport. They are Single, MRT, and Rapid Pass. However, MRT and Rapid Pass are gaining popularity day by day. Those who do not have MRT and Rapid Pass will be able to travel by metro rail by purchasing single pass tickets from the counter of the station.

What is MRT Pass?

 MASS rapid transit (MRT) pass, a smart card automated fare collection system based on near-field communication (NFC) technology used on participating public transit systems, is used for near-field communication or short-distance communication. Passengers can pay metro rail fares with this card easily. They get a 10% discount on the fare for using the MRT Pass. With this card, you can easily pay metro rail fares without hassle. In the future, you can pay bills in bus, launch, and shopping malls operated by metro rail using this card.

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What is Rapid Pass?

The Rapid Pass is also a smart card automated fare collection system based on NFC technology used on joining public transit systems. The authorities implemented Rapid Pass card on a trial basis in 2017 and its full implementation in January 2018. Dhaka Transportation Coordination Authority (DTCA) in November last year launched a campaign to popularise the Rapid Pass among Dhaka residents for the use of metro rail. The Rapid Pass also will serve all forms of transportation services within Dhaka city. Currently, commuters can use to ride the MRT-6 metro rail and specific BRTC bus services.

Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority (DTCA) has introduced the latest smart card “Rapid Pass” facility for collecting fares and an integrated e-ticketing system for public transport in the country.

The Rapid Pass System has been introduced to get hassle-free payment facilities in different public transport services of the country such as metro rail, bus rapid transit, various services of Bangladesh Railway, BIWTC’s water vessel service, and government and private bus services. In the future, this card is likely to be used to collect tolls on urban transport, railways, and expressways.

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What are the benefits of MRT Pass?

Currently, MRT Pass can be purchased from the designated Ticket Office (TOM) by filling the Registration Form. The initial price of the MRT Pass is TK 500. This includes security deposit Tk 200 and usable fare amount Tk 300.

The benefits are:

How will you get a Metro Rail MRT Pass?

First, you will have to download the form from the DMTCL website (dmtcl.gov.bd) or collect the form from the metro rail ticket counter.

The MRT pass card will be available only after filling it out and submitting it at the metro rail ticket counter.

Before submitting the form, you will have to fill the form with own name, father and mother’s name, date of birth, NID/birth certificate/driving license number, and mobile number. You can purchase MRT passes only if you have this information on your mobile or e-mail. You do not need to bring your NID card or any other documents with you and do not need to submit the documents.

MRT passes can be purchased and topped up from 7:15 am to 7:45 pm every day, except Friday.

Tickets can be purchased with notes of Tk 10, Tk 20, Tk 50, Tk 100, Tk 200, Tk 500 and Tk1,000 in TVM. However, Tk 500 and Tk 1,000 notes will not be accepted on TVM if the total fare is below Tk100.

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How much does it cost to MT pass?

By providing information in the registration form, MRT pass can be purchased from the ticket office currently designated for metro rail travel. The primary price of the MRT pass is Tk 500. Of this, Tk 200 is for the security deposit and Tk 300 is the usable amount. The validity of this card is 10 years.

What do we know about the rules for using MRT passes?

 In the case of one journey, each time you have to buy a Single Journey Ticket (SJT) maintain the fare list. However, in the case of an MRT pass, travel can be done by touching the pass at the entry or exit gate. You don’t have to suffer trouble for maintaining the line, which is necessary for collecting SJT.

How to recharge the MRT pass?

After the balance of the MRT pass is ended, the cardholder can easily recharge the MRT pass from the Ticket Buying Machine (TVM), Ticket Office (TOM), and Additional Fare Collection Office (EFO) from any station.

Get 10% off every trip

Passengers will get a 10 percent discount on metro rail fares if they travel using an MRT pass. Besides, there will be no hassle of collecting tickets every time standing in line. Many people are already using MRT passes for metro rail travel. However, the concerned people are saying to take care of the card. If the card is lost or lost, you will have to pay for the reissue.

What will you do if you want to return the MRT pass?

If anyone wants to return the MRT pass, he or she will get the security deposit and the unused balance. In this case, the authorities will deduct a service charge of Tk 50.

What will you do if the MRT pass is lost?

For the re-issue of the lost MRT pass, you will have to pay a total of Tk400 –Tk 200 for the security deposit and Tk 200 — for the processing fee. If the lost pass is found after reissue and is usable, the security deposit will be returned by paying a service charge of Tk 50.

Which train cannot be boarded without MRT or Rapid Pass?

The two metro trains leaving Uttara North Metro Rail Station at 7:10 am and 7:20 am can only travel using MRT or Rapid Pass. Metro trains departing from Motijheel Metrorail Station after 9.00 pm can travel only using MRT or Rapid Pass.

Besides, all ticket sales offices and ticket-selling machines at the metro rail stations will be closed after 8:50 pm. You can purchase a Single Journey Ticket from all metro rail stations from 07:15 am to 08:50 pm. MRT Pass and MRT/Rapid Pass Top-up can be also done at the same time.

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