Where are the best places for spring break in the USA?

It’s wonderful to stop and smell the flowers in the springtime after a long and dismal hibernation season. In the spring, an entire world of color opens up, often overwhelming our senses and sinuses and reminding us, strongly, to witness the beauty surrounding us.

Springtime travel may be entrancing and rejuvenating. During this season, everything appears new, intriguing, and invigorating.

We’ve looked into some of the best locations to enjoy the springtime weather to encourage you to get outside. All of these places promise an abundance of birds, breezes, and wildflowers—not to mention a powerful remedy for the wintertime blues.

The following are some of the best places to travel in the US in the spring.

1. The Finger Lakes, New York

The Finger Lakes, New York
The Finger Lakes, New York

Known for its late spring tourism, Upstate New York’s Finger Lakes are a hidden gem. Named after its long, thin chain of lakes, this charming rural area is renowned for its lakeshores, and waterfalls, and is one of the best places for spring break in the USA.

Views of the lake are available to guests as they enjoy local Riesling. You can visit Watkins Glen State Park during your hike to see the year’s largest waterfalls.

Getting outside and traveling can often be the best way to overcome the winter blues, especially if you live somewhere with little sunshine. In any of these places, you can relish the beauty of springtime while rejuvenating and recharging yourself. Whether you want to hit the trails or just kick back and enjoy a quiet afternoon in a warmer place.

2. Red Cliffs, Utah

Red Cliffs, Utah
Red Cliffs, Utah

This desert hidden gem is thought to be a miniature version of the well-known Zion National Park. It packs just as much power. The red rock canyons, which were previously dry, are filled with water and become thunderous waterfalls in the spring. The ideal time of year is spring to visit Red Rock canyons. Vibrant wildflowers also enliven the entire Recreation Area at that time.

3. Mystic Hot Springs, Utah

Mystic Hot Springs, Utah
Mystic Hot Springs, Utah

If Mystic Hot Springs isn’t already on your list, it definitely should be. Because it’s one of Utah’s best-kept secrets. This hippie compound-style hot spring is a wonderful fusion of luxury and rustic appeal. It has historic bathtubs where you can unwind.

If you like to travel off the beaten road, Mystic Hot Springs is the spot to go in the spring and one of the best places for spring break in the USA. The nearest town is actually a little bit out of the way, in Monroe. This is the perfect place to relax and soak in the gorgeous sunset views while cuddling up in a natural hot spring.

4. Black Rock City, Nevada

Black Rock City, Nevada
Black Rock City, Nevada

When thinking about places to visit in the springtime on the outskirts, Black Rock City comes to mind. Here is one of the most remote deserts in the country and the best places for spring break in the USA. The yearly Burning Man festival takes place in Black Rock City. You may visit there in the spring and can experience this incredible bit of nature without the festival people. You’ll probably have the entire region to yourself.

5. Holland, Michigan

Holland, Michigan
Holland, Michigan

More than tulips, is there a flower that says ‘spring’?

Named for—you guessed it—Holland. This quaint Midwest gem pays homage to its namesake by holding an annual Tulip Festival. It preserves the tulip tradition. Since 1929, when the town was mostly home to Dutch immigrants, the celebration has taken place in May of each year.

You should not miss seeing the town’s 250-year-old Dutch windmill. Holland is only thirty minutes from Grand Rapids. You might decide to make it the centerpiece of your spring road trip, or just one of your stops. You can take a 6-7 hour guided tour of some of the most fascinating historical places in Holland on your own. In a word, Holland, Michigan will enchant you.

6. Charleston, South Carolina

6. Charleston, South Carolina
6. Charleston, South Carolina

The pastel hues of Charleston’s Rainbow Row mansions pay homage to the vivid springtime blooms.

Charleston is without a doubt the embodiment of southern charm, particularly in the springtime. During this season, the city is blanketed in dogwood and azalea blossoms. With low humidity and temperatures often in the 60s and 70s, this time of year is perfect for strolling and carriage tours of the city’s most well-liked sights.

Flowertown Festival in April and the Festival of Houses and Gardens in March and April are part of Charleston’s festival season, which peaks in the spring.

7. Hill Country, Texas

Hill Country, Texas
Hill Country, Texas

Though it’s not nearly a single location, Texas’ hill region is more of a strip than a destination. Bluebonnets bloom all over the roads in March and April in the big state parks between Houston and San Antonio.

The Texas countryside is even more breathtaking at this time of year. It makes it a great place for a weekend scenic drive or a tour of its well-known wineries.

8. Macon, Georgia

Macon, Georgia
Macon, Georgia

You may not be aware that Macon is the epicenter of cherry blossoms worldwide. No, it’s not Japan or Washington, DC Nearly 350,000 cherry trees bloom annually around the end of March. So, Macon is the perfect place to see these beautiful trees in full bloom.

The busiest time to visit is around the second or third week of March. During this time, the International Cherry Blossom Festival takes place. They refer to it as the ‘pinkest party of the year’. Macon is bordered by gorgeous state parks that welcome outdoor enthusiasts in addition to its rich history and one of the best places for spring break in the USA.

9. Coachella Valley, California

Coachella Valley, California
Coachella Valley, California

The vibrant pops of color in the springtime truly transform the high deserts of California.

The Coachella Valley in California is renowned for having 300 days of sunshine annually. It is the country’s sunniest place. This is the best spot to catch up on any vitamin D you may have lost during the winter. An annual Wildflower Festival is organized in the spring by the city to highlight the vibrant colors of the surroundings.

In this region of the California desert, the production of dates is another well-known industry. This region is full of these sweet, luscious fruits. You can even visit a farm where they are grown to see how they are harvested.

10. Brockway Mountain, Michigan

You can consider visiting Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to explore the northern wilderness if you want to get even more isolated for your springtime getaway. You can enjoy serene hikes and breathtaking views of Lake Superior.

Brockway Mountain is one of the best places to enjoy pure seclusion since the largest village along the road is home to just 76 people. Situated in Copper Harbor, it offers vistas of Isle Royale National Park and 700 distinct varieties of wildflowers. The major attraction here is the annual raptor migration. It occurs between mid-April and mid-June.

11. Historic Triangle, Virginia

Historic Triangle, Virginia
Historic Triangle, Virginia

The Historic Triangle is made up of the three Virginian cities of Yorktown, Williamsburg, and Jamestown. The neighborhood is full of gorgeous flowers and a rich history to explore. One of the main draws of the Historic Triangle is the first permanent English settlement at Jamestown. Everywhere is conveniently close to one another, making it an ideal opportunity for a stroll in the sunshine.

12. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia has plenty of things to do all year long and is one of the best places for spring break in the USA. However, spring is an especially lovely time to visit the city and enjoy its museums, outdoor activities, and architectural highlights.

In addition to Philly Wine Week and Philly Beer Week, the city hosts its own Cherry Blossom Festival every spring. When the weather becomes warmer, you can venture outside to take in Philadelphia’s well-known street art. You can also see the city from the perspective of an artist.

13. Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C.

Adding this to the list seems obvious, given that Washington D.C. is known worldwide for having an abundance of cherry blossoms in the spring and one of the best places for spring break in the USA. Every year, the city hosts the International Cherry Blossom Festival. It attracts visitors from around the globe. You can admire the rich history of the cherry trees and enjoy the gentler weather as the city reawakens after a harsh winter.

14. Hawaii


All that Hawaii is stunning all year round whether it is rain or shine know it. Nevertheless, nothing compares to flying to the islands in the spring. The period from February to May, when the heavy winter rains have passed but the high season has not yet started, is referred to as the ‘shoulder season’.

This is the finest time of year to see the islands.  The gorgeous night skies are perfect for astronomy because of the springtime temperatures. Hawaii’s landscapes are enhanced by the attractiveness of those magnificent treks, which are accompanied by blooming wildflowers.

15. Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Oregon’s thick layers of snow and ice melt in the spring, and the rivers and waterfalls of the Columbia Gorge overflow. The landscape comes alive with the brilliantly colored wildflowers that bloom this time of year. Rowena Crest is the best location to observe the gorge’s spectacular vistas out of all the places. You can also explore the Columbia Gorge, the Hood River Valley, and Mount Hood on this adventure.

16. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana
New Orleans, Louisiana

You can skip the crowds during Mardi Gras season when the city starts to warm up in March. Nola is a terrific spot to escape the winter blues because springtime there coincides with the festival season. The NOLA Oyster Festival, Greek Fest, Jazz Fest, and French Quarter Festival are among the events that happen from March to May.

You can enjoy a stroll through one of the many parks in the city. The parks are home to a multitude of flowering flowers and the characteristic Spanish moss of the area.

17. Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley is recognized not only for its wineries but also for its orchards, which bloom in full in the early spring. Apple and apricot trees are in full bloom at this time of year.

It’s still a beautiful place to drive through, especially with the highways now bordered by blossoming wildflowers.

18. Breckenridge, Colorado

Here’s a walk through the snow in case you’re not ready to head outside.

In Breckenridge, a place most recognized for its winter landscape. Although the days are longer and the temperature is higher, March and April saw the most snowfall. The heavy winter crowds have subsided by spring. However, there are still lots of outdoor activities to enjoy.

This venue is great for people who love the snow but aren’t quite ready to part with their winter attire. It is still possible for you to go snowmobiling, ski, snowboard, and do a lot more activities through May.

19. Seattle, Washington

Because of all the heavy winter rains and snowfall, Seattle enjoys a flower-filled spring. From the cherry blossoms in March to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in April, Seattle is awash in springtime color. Pike Place Market is even more intriguing to visit in the spring. This time, it is filled with gorgeous flowers.

Springtime brings the start of the orca viewing season and the end of the gray and humpback seasons. There are many whale viewing tours available at this time of year.

You can venture outside of Seattle to see more of the breathtaking springtime flowers. It would just take a few hours to get to Port Angeles, which is well-known for its lavender fields.

20. Louis, Missouri

You can admire the fervent baseball fan base as the city comes to life in preparation for the MLB season. Like many bigger American cities, St. Louis celebrates the beginning of the outdoor festival season in the spring. The St. Louis Earth Day Festival, conducted in the city every year, is an unusual approach to honor this overlooked holiday. It is one of the best places for spring break in the USA.

You can also see the butterfly house at the Missouri Botanical Garden on your exploration of the city. It’s especially beautiful in the spring.

21. Havasu Falls, Arizona

Havasu Falls, Arizona
Havasu Falls, Arizona

Spring is the best time to visit Havasu Falls. At this time, the weather is mild but not as hot as Arizona’s summer months. The 10-mile Havasupai trip would likely be too strenuous in the summer, but right now the weather is perfect.

The trip ends at the falls, where you can set up a campsite for the night. You can also go swimming if the weather permits. The hike winds through the slot canyon for a good amount of its length. At this time of year, the pathways and surrounding areas are carpeted with flowering wildflowers. Then, the waterfall is especially full.

22. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Orange lilies in full bloom at Great Smoky Mountain National Park, just outside of Pigeon Forge!

Pigeon Forge is located in the heart of the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and is among the best spring break destinations in the USA. It is a breathtaking springtime getaway in and of itself. But what actually makes this little town unique are its varied heritage and plethora of springtime events, like Dollywood’s Festival of Nations!

In the spring, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is considerably less crowded. It’s a great time to enjoy the wildflower blooms that are all over the region when visiting Pigeon Forge. If you have the time, don’t forget to visit Sevierville.

23. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is considered to be among the most unique cities in the American South and the best places for spring break in the USA. It’s for a very good reason. While there are plenty of interesting things to do here throughout the year, spring is especially exciting.

Because of its hilly terrain, there are many chances to see the natural world right outside the city. You can check out Asheville’s wildflower bloom schedule to take advantage of the vivid colors of spring.

24. Woodburn, Oregon

Woodburn, Oregon
Woodburn, Oregon

Seeing the tulips open at daybreak is certainly worth the early morning wake-up call.

Tulips are the main attraction in Woodburn. In the town, there is a tulip festival held at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm from March to May. Spring is the best season to go on a hot air balloon ride to see the vivid blooms from above.

25. Tucson, Arizona

You can explore Tucson on foot and discover one of these stunning specimens.

Tucson, Arizona is situated in a desert and one of the best destinations for spring break in the USA. The city’s floral landscape is particularly delicate. The hills around the city burst into a riot of color in the spring. Various wildflower kinds bloom at different times from February to July. Even the cacti have bright red flowers on them.

The lovely weather that comes with spring is perfect for exploring the city’s outdoor areas. You can take a hike or unwind in one of the many hot springs in southern Arizona.

26. Carlsbad, California

Beautiful Tecolote Ranunculus blossoms in The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch.

Nestled in northern San Diego County of California, Carlsbad is a colorful springtime spectacular and one of the best spring break places in the USA. The city’s main attraction is the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch. It boasts 50 acres of vividly colored Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers in full bloom along with many more.

March 1 to May 9 is the opening time of Ranch. It hosts activities such as artist gardens, tractor wagon rides, and greenhouses for orchids. Those who appreciate it can try out new and delicious meals.

27. Central Florida Natural Springs

Two of the best ways to enjoy the springs are by canoe or kayak.

With so many beautiful springs, Central Florida is the perfect place to travel in the spring and one of the best places for spring break in the USA. It’s not as hot as summer. But it’s still warm enough to enjoy spring to the fullest. Ginnie Springs is especially well-known for its breathtakingly blue waters, airboat excursions, kayaking, and paddleboarding options.

The only area in the US where swimming with manatees is allowed is the Crystal River region. It is about 90 minutes north of Tampa. Manatees live in the bay from winter to early summer.

28. Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

Chena Hot Springs, Alaska
Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

Roughly, fifty miles east of Fairbanks, Chena Hot Springs continues to be one of Alaska’s most magical spring destinations. For mild aches and pains, visitors seek out Rock Lake’s natural outdoor hot springs. These are believed to offer therapeutic benefits.

Early spring is the best time of year to travel to observe the northern lights. You shouldn’t miss the Aurora Ice Museum, one of the most popular attractions in the area.

29. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Spring is the best time to visit Santa. At this time, Santa Fe’s adobe buildings contrast with the vibrant flowers.

Santa Fe is another place on this list with some of the best springtime weather and best places for spring break in the USA. Thanks to its well-known lilacs, the city’s wildflower season lasts all spring long, heralded by bright yellow forsythias.

The popular outdoor market reopens in April. It is a great place to buy directly from local artists. You can like springtime events like Santa Fe Pro Musica’s Baroque Holy Week concerts and the Japanese Cultural Festival.

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