Why Would You Use a Travel Agent?

You are likely to plan a tour, but we know it is a very difficult task, as trip planning requires good research. If you don’t have enough time or don’t want to take on any of the hassles of self-planning about aviation, hotels, and weather, a travel agent can help you. Travel consultants will simplify the way to go to your travel destination as well also give you the best deals on accommodations, flights, packages, and other activities.  Should I use a travel agent? Yes.

If you’re still thinking about the pros and cons of the tour plan, travel agents will give you a clear view of how you can save time, money, and all the extra effort you have when planning a vacation.

Many North Americans, who disliked Travel Agents earlier, are turning to Travel Agents as they forestall resuming vacation plans. Here are some of the best reasons to use a travel agent.

1. Travel Agents can save you time

Time is money. So why you will waste it researching airlines, cruise ships, hotels, and other travel providers when you can rely on someone who has experienced them first-hand? You should research the places you want to visit but do not waste your valuable time on tedious and less interesting details such as hotel reviews and flight options.

By working with a travel agent, you can take the guesswork out of researching and evaluating the many options available to you, saving you time and the hassles that come with vacation planning. A travel agent can eliminate hours of online research with years of experience and knowledge about destinations, transportation options, and vendors.

Allison Walker, a AAA Travel Agent in San Clemente, California, said, “The options come to mind quickly as we discuss their trip vision.”

“I can create a shortlist that only includes quality, reputable options for their trip destination,” said Allison, reports aaa.com. So, you should use a travel agent to save time.

2. To save your money

Does using a travel agent save you money? The answer is yes. It is the most common misconception about travel agents that they are more expensive than booking trips yourself. Most travel agents don’t compete on price. You can save money on booking hotels and other issues through a travel agent as they have more experience, secure good deals on flights, and save money on adventure travel trips. You can get better hotel deals than you expect.

3. Travel agents plan trips without stress

Having the experience of working with clients from all walks of life and immersing themselves in travel full-time, agents understand details you might not think of on your own. Having knowledge and experience also allows them to anticipate potential problems.

4. Secure fully flexible holiday options

To encourage us to book, many airlines and accommodation suppliers offer fully flexible options. Travel agents can know good flexible options as they are aware of the new norm.

5. Trusting an Expert

Few people, who are engaged with travel and travel agents, are constantly educating themselves on the industry and next time. A travel agent can step in and provide expert advice, recommendations, and even alternate options. Depending on travel is very important to invest your life savings. So, you should rely on an expert for planning and booking.

6. Travel agents for expert recommendations

Travel agents will make personalized recommendations and offer tips on destinations. They only can offer the best suggestions when is the best and worst times to travel. Many tourist experts suggest taking a train for a certain portion as driving is very difficult and takes too long and vacation time is not spent properly.  

Travel agents not only gain knowledge from their travel agency but also their clients constantly update their destination knowledge. When each traveler returns, the agents receive updated info from clients about the destination, resort, or cruise. Getting first-hand experiences from reliable sources is essential to planning the best vacation. Especially, it is true right now that the world’s travel has changed.

7. Getting special access

Online travel sites and average travelers don’t have the capacity that will enhance your trip with some unexpected and reliable moments. It might just be a surprise bottle of champagne upon arrival at your honeymoon resort or a last-minute suite upgrade. An agent can ensure that you have someone looking out for you behind the scenes.

8. Travel agents able to handle unexpected issues

A tourist can face unexpected issues like natural disasters, flight cancellations, and loss of luggage. In this case, travel agents act as the traveler’s advocate and help navigate the challenge of making any necessary itinerary changes. The travel agents know the details and the best way to handle the situation and also will find the best possible solution for the given situation.

9. You can benefit from extra protection

A tourist can get both financial and legal protection through a holiday or any special package. Through legal protection, the travel company will be responsible for making sure to provide any trip. If your travel company fails to provide the expected support and facilities offering an alternative, or providing a full or partial refund, you may be able to claim compensation. Giving financial protection is necessary for any travel company. Make sure your package is ATOL-protected by travel agents as the Travel Agent is bound by a code of conduct as per ABTA guidelines.

10. Take  benefit from booking

A traveler can get many opportunities, including the booking.  If your travel company knows what you are looking for in the future, the agents can keep an eye on things. In my opinion, you should connect with trusted travel agents where you can contact them, trust them in the long term, and invest a lot of your time and money over the years.

Case’s study

travel case study

The personal experiences of two travel experts were narrated in the article what is the merits and demerits of the use of travel agents before traveling.

According to Bart Crunk, the former Analyst in a post on quora.com, it depends on the vacation and comfort you are enjoining whether it is better to go to a travel agency to plan a vacation or do it yourself. He said he cruises a fair amount as he used to just book himself, but there are advantages to using a travel agency. If you need to call a cruise line, you can spend hours on hold. A good travel agency takes care of such communications. Besides, a travel agency can put you in a group which can result in lower prices and perks. In addition to knowing the ship, a good cruise travel agency can better pick a cabin based on that knowledge.

Crunk said he generally books things himself, makes an exception, and uses a packager. When he goes to the Azores, he entails multiple flights, hotels, and car rentals.

According to Neale Gray, It’s a long story about when he was stuck in Australia four years earlier.

He called his travel agent in the UK, who sorted him a flight for the next day. They dealt with the issue of the other flight as he already had booked but couldn’t wait for it. Finally, he got on that plane and came home the next day. Here, the travel agent played an important role in reaching his home.

There’s nothing to beat talking to a human being, rather than dealing with a customer “service” agent as they do not give a shit and probably do not even speak your language. They just work in a call center and don’t know you like your travel agent. They don’t know your preferred airline, preferred seat, and preferred stopover. They are just reading from a script and don’t care whatsoever about you, but a travel agent does.

Gray said in his Quora post that his travel agent has saved his bacon more than once. They provided him with an emergency flight to Australia with quite literally four hours’ notice. As there was a death in his family, he needed a flight emergency to make it there in time for the funeral. Emirates, Qantas, and Singapore had no flights available but the agency booked it through BA instead.

He said he made it in time for the funeral, as he flew home the very next day and got the hell out of there.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a travel agent at a glance

  • The advantages of getting a travel package include convenience and peace of mind.
  • Agencies will handle all the details of your trip — booking flights and accommodations and arranging transportation and activities.
  • These facilities can save you a significant amount of time and effort.
  • Moreover, travel companies normally offer exclusive deals and discounts. Normally, a general traveler may not be able to find the facility.
  • To customize your trip to your specific preferences, travel packages can be inflexible and may not allow you.
  • Additionally, a traveler may be limited to a set itinerary. He or she may not have the opportunity to explore and discover new experiences personally.
  • Travel packages can be more expensive than own planning trip, as they offer the convenience and expertise of the agency.
  • Overall, a travel package and dependent on any travel agency for any tour is right for your personal preferences and priorities.
  • A travel package can be a great option if you value convenience and are willing to pay for it.

However, if you prefer to have more control over your itinerary and will to put in the time and effort to plan your trip, you may be better off doing so. [ Source: Christopher Tom]

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