20 Best Free MP3 Music Download Sites

This article will review the 20 Best Free MP3 Music Download Sites in 2024. These sites allow you to download free music online. You can use them on a smartphone or desktop. These sites work equally well on all types of operating systems. The download procedure is very straightforward. You can use any reliable browser to download MP3 music from these websites. 

You can download songs of all types. Additionally, you can also download the whole music album. So, if you are a music lover, you have come to the right place. These sites provide you with all sorts of songs. You can download them without any limitations. Most of them are free to use. Some sites need membership approvals before a user starts downloading the music. 

The Best Free MP3 Music Download Sites in 2024

Let’s start a brief review of these music sites one by one.

1. YTHub


YTHub helps you find and download music from YouTube. You can download the mp3 file directly without visiting the YouTube site or app. You have to write a song name to start the search. The downloading will be quicker if you have the URL or link to the file. You can find the link on YouTube if you do not have the link. 

Open the app or website and go to ‘Share’. There you will see an option to copy the link. Copy it into the clipboard of your device and go to YTHub. Paste the URL to initiate the download. After you are done with the first step, wait for the loading. It usually loads the music in milliseconds.

Along with the song’s name, you will see other info too. The uploader’s name, total views, and duration of the YouTube video exist. You will see many choices for downloads. You ought to choose ‘YouTube to mp3 conversation.’ Once you have selected the option, you are done here. 

The site will automatically convert the video to mp3 format. In this way, you can download the file easily. You get dozens of choices in terms of the quality of the music. You can control the quality and format of the file to be downloaded. You can also download the music videos here in MP4 or WEBM format. The available options for music downloads are given below:

  • 144p
  • 480p
  • 1440p
  • 2160p

This website is Free to use. Moreover, it doesn’t require your credentials like email—no need to sign up to enjoy its music library. 

YTHub New Site: https://ontiva.com/en/1dae5

2. VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter

This site is one of the easiest to download Free MP3 music. The design is kept minimal to engage new users. It gives us a wide selection of popular music online. You can download the songs from more than one thousand websites. You can download the songs from YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Music lovers can also download the videos. 

The process to download is very straightforward. It will load the file immediately on the main screen. You can choose from many video resolutions before starting to download. Options available are SD, HD, 4K, and 8K. You can also download the files directly in mp3 format. You can convert YouTube videos easily. Now we move to the best feature of this free music download site. 

You can download the music playlist directly from this site. With just one click, you can download a whole album and channel. The YouTube videos downloaded have the default subtitles. You can also add custom subtitles in there. This site has built-in cut and merge tools. Furthermore, you can remove the audio from a video file. It’s super easy. You can also use this website to edit your mp3 files.

Website: https://www.videoproc.com/index_wap.htm

3. Mp3download


The Mp3Download site allows you to search for the songs you wish to download. Without opening the YouTube app, you can download the videos in seconds. Finding your favorite music video is very easy. The UI is kept simple to engage new users. This site is free, and no registration is needed to access its library. There are many formats available in which you can download the music:

  • Mp3
  • AAC
  • WAV
  • MP2
  • OGG
  • FLAC

You can also use this website as a YouTube format converter. This site offers a feature allowing users to cut and download a selected video part. You can easily extract music from large files and albums using this feature. You can also extract music from movies and TV shows. No signup or registration fee is needed to download the best music. 

Website: https://mp3-juices.nu/2OSW/

4. 4K YouTube to Mp3

4K YouTube to Mp3

You can listen to your favorite music as it features a built-in audio player. This site features tools that let you download music according to your choice. Its converter tool helps you change the format of a file easily. It lets you download music from Dailymotion, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitch, Tumblr, and SoundCloud

The design of the homepage of this site is very simple. You can download audio files by simply pasting the link on the tab. It supports downloading music in M4A and OGG formats too. Downloading the songs one by one is a boring task. This site enables album downloads with a single click. You can use the proxies if the site is not working in your country. The free limit is 15 songs/per day. That’s a lot to enjoy in a single day. 

You can choose some premium plans if you want to enjoy limitless downloading. The subscription plans to start from $15 and are very affordable. 

website: https://www.4kdownload.com/

5. iMusic


This all-in-one music manager offers to download from more than three thousand websites. Like other sites I have mentioned earlier, this one is not free. iMusic is a very popular music streaming and downloading software. It contains songs from YouTube, Jamendo, and Archive. You can record your own tunes and upload them later using professional tools. Songs are available in formats like Mp3, Mp4, WebM, and OGG. You can use this music manager to transfer music files conveniently. 

You can also download the entire playlist directly. Its built-in music player has a very good sound output. Furthermore, it supports iPhone, Android, and Windows PC. iPod, iPad, and iTunes lovers can listen to their favorite music. This popular audio downloader comes with yearly, lifetime, and family license memberships. By paying $59.95, you can enjoy music for a lifetime. The payment methods are very convenient. The family license plan offers multiple logins at once.

Website: https://imusic.am/home

6. Gaana.com


Gaana.com features the latest music to be downloaded. You can listen to and download popular albums in MP3 and other formats. This site will amaze you if you are a classic old song lover. There are many features that it offers with a free version. But if you buy the subscription, it gives you a direct download button. 

You can click it to download songs instantly. Furthermore, it provides many premium features that a music lover wants. You can use its quick search bar to navigate your favorite songs. You can search a music file using its artist name. New releases are available in a separate section. You can also view your friend’s feed. Its top charts help you find highly recommended music from the library. 

If you like downloading songs using the Gaana.com App, this site has its own mobile application. This app can be your companion while traveling. It offers a large collection of songs for downloading. Other than downloading, this site has many options for you. You’re going to find your preferred music here. So, without thinking much, consider this website to get free MP3 music online. 

Website: https://gaana.com/

7. PureVolume.com

PureVolume is the ultimate destination for music artists. This site is the singer’s prime choice. This site offers music albums from artists from many countries. The diversity in music makes it more special. You can host your mp3 song and make it public. By doing this, an artist allows the public to download his songs. This site keeps track of currently played songs.

You can see your history displayed on the page’s left side. Additionally, new songs are added in their dedicated section. Music song lovers can visit this site to learn about the latest releases. If you follow contemporary artists, this is the right place for you. It is a popular destination for those who like to listen to audio songs by new artists. Due to its matchless features, this site has become a popular spot as mp3 music download site.

Website: https://www.purevolume.com/

8. Mp3-Center.net

Mp3center is a site that offers free music online. You can search for the music by the song title and the singer’s name. You can view the list of recently listened songs if you are interested again. Moreover, you can see the songs played by others. Albums by musicians from various nations are available here. This website is unique because of the variety of music. Musicians enable the audience to download their tracks. 

On this website, you will find the best free MP3 music. The quality and bit rate of the audio uploaded here is satisfactory. The website’s design is simple; hence newbies can navigate songs easily. The download process doesn’t take long. You can download songs in many languages easily. 

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9. Mp3fusion.net


Mp3fusion helps you search for your favorite songs easily. You can view the lyrics of songs as well. Its search is developed to find the lyrics along with the original file. These lyrics are super accurate. This site offers downloading of music from different countries. You can make your own playlist by selecting your preferred songs. Music lovers can view recently downloaded music. 

Additionally, the top-ranked songs are listed separately. People find using this website very convenient. The scrolling is smooth and easy. You can navigate the entire website in a few minutes. People stay on this best mp3 music download site for hours. You can kill your time by listening to some top-quality music on mp3fusion. Hindi songs available are in huge numbers. 

Website: http://mp3fusion.net/

10. Jamendo.com


Jamemdo.com has some of the most famous English songs for you. Your favorite song is up here in good quality. It is one of the best MP3 music download sites to date. Its latest collection always has some surprises for users. The total download count is over 400 million. This site is the best entertainment source, with around half a million soundtracks. You can spend quality time listening to your type of music here. 

You can always count on this site regarding the number of songs available. Jamendo’s Radio will keep you busy for a long time. You can access the whole album of a particular music artist here. You can download the best free MP3 music from Jamendo with ease. You can also listen to the music online by visiting this site. The website is accessible from smartphones. There are no compatibility issues. That means you can enjoy limitless music streaming from iOS and Android devices. This site is the best traveling partner for English song lovers. 

Website: https://www.jamendo.com/

11. Mtv.com/Music/Downloads 


MTV is a very popular music channel that provides free mp3 songs. This platform is a reliable source for all types of music lovers. The list of music genres is very wide. You can listen to pop songs, classic, and beat drops music on MTV. This channel has some of the best song collections of all time. You can listen to the top music from pre-existing playlists. 

Furthermore, you can make your own playlist on this site. It contains music according to all moods and emotions. Song lovers can access the coolest music bands. You can listen to the online free music here without any interruptions. Subscribing or signing up is not mandatory. The music library is continuously updated, and new songs are added. This site features some top-notch music from all genres. 

Website: https://www.mtv.com/

12. Apunkabollywood.net

Apunkabollywood is a popular music destination for Hindi song lovers. As the name indicates, this site offers all types of Bollywood music. You can access ringtones and background music from its library. Furthermore, the latest Bhangra songs are available for Punjabi dance lovers. You can stream your favorite Punjabi music and enjoy dancing to the wedding songs. 

All the songs extracted from Bollywood movies are available for visitors. Music videos are also uploaded regularly. This site has been providing unparalleled entertainment for a long time. You can stream classic Hindi mp3 music for free on this website. You can continue to the other sites listed below if you’re uninterested. 

13. Songsmp3.com

This site needs to be updated in many countries due to several restrictions. Government officials and authorities imply these restrictions. This site offers Indian music for free. Fans can find all the latest Bollywood remixes here. You can write a movie name, and the songs from the movie will appear. You can use the search bar and enter an artist or album name. Famous rappers like Yo Yo Honey Singh’s songs are available for enthusiasts. 

The UI is friendly. Songsmp3 has a wide selection of instrumental music. You can download free mp3 music from your favorite singers. The work of music directors and composers is also available. You can enjoy listening to DJ remixes and mashup songs. Punjabi music is organized skillfully. You can easily find a particular song. Bollywood and Indi-pop songs are featured in its updated music library. 

14. FunAtoZ.com

Apart from music, this site offers various features that will make you love it. You can watch movie trailers and reviews here. A wide range of wallpapers is uploaded here. HD wallpapers are available in the library. FunAtoZ provides music from all types of Bollywood movies. Users can download these songs and listen offline. This market of entertainment always impresses visitors. With its best games and software, it keeps people merged in it. The website administrators offer free lyrics to the songs. 

15. MusicJagat.com

MusicJagat features a lot of Bollywood and Bengali songs. To download the popular sangeet, you must visit this website. The sangeet collection includes Rabindra, NAZRUL, and much more. People like to listen to Puja special music on this platform. Users can download Durga Puja songs for free. Dharam songs fans can access music videos for free. Moreover, movie and season trailers ls are also available. 

16. Mp3hungama.com

MP3 Hungama

All types of Pakistani and Punjabi songs are available on Mp3hungama. The list of the best free music on this site is very long. The availability of Pakistani music albums and wedding songs makes it a popular music streaming destination. All types of mp3 music are available for download. Afghani and Bhangra songs are added regularly. 

The music available is of various types:

  • QawaliGhazal
  • Afghani Music
  • Pakistani Music
  • Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Qawali
  • Bhangra
  • Wedding songs
  • Pakistani Albums

The wide selection of music makes it an excellent site to download MP3 for free. 

17. Bollym4u.com

Bollym4u is one of the fastest mp3 music download sites. It contains the latest Bollywood songs collection. The download process is quick and easy. This website offers free of cost music to all types of people. Its huge library of music is updated daily. Unfortunately, it is not working in some areas. You can always use a VPN or visit its alternative mp3 download sites. 

18. Djmaza.me


Djmaza.me is an excellent mp3 music download site. The music library offers free content to the audience. This website is compatible with many operating systems. You can use your mobile phone browser to load music here quickly. You can find a wide variety of music and videos here. Free Bollywood ringtones and polyphonic ringtones are available. You can use any reliable browser to visit this useful music platform. 

It features many latest Bollywood mixes. Downloading the WWE soundtracks from Djmaza is easy. The website has an intuitive web design. There is no difficulty in finding a specific music file. You can even listen to English Pop music and download it to your device. Where to find the music downloaded from the mp3 music download site? You can see the ‘Download’ folder to play your downloaded music in your File Manager. 

Website: https://djmaza.me/

19. Wapboss.com

Wapboss is one of the older sites that offer free mp3 music. This free mp3 music download site provides audio as well as video songs. One can download music videos in many formats. 

  • 3gp
  • Mp4
  • HD
  • FHD
  • Mkv

Audio and video music files are in excellent resolutions. The website design is simple, so people become regular visitors. You can download unlimited music on your mobile and computer. 

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20. Songs.pk

Songs.pk offers Pakistani, Indian, and Punjabi mp3 music for download. The music genres list is available for your convenience:

  • Punjabi
  • Pakistani movie songs
  • Ghazals
  • Qawallis
  • Bollywood music
  • Hollywood Music
  • Lollywood music
  • Indian songs
  • Indian Pop music


These are our 20 best free mp3 music download sites. These sites offer music without spending a single penny. All types of cultural and religious songs are available. The mp3 music file download process is convenient. All these sites are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

You can use your mobile or tablet to download free MP3 music. You can also download the video of popular songs. Its huge Bollywood music collection entertains all Hindi music fans. Popular songs from Indian and Pakistani movies are available for download. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Download Free MP3 Music from a Website?

First, you must use a website’s search bar to find the songs. You can copy and paste the URL taken from YouTube. Music files are of little space so it won’t take long. 

Is it Safe to Download MP3 music?

Many MP3 music download sites are unsafe because of the large number of Advertisements. Sometimes pop-ups annoy you. They disrupt your online experience. Using an Ad-blocker may help, but it affects the site’s functioning. You should use official platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud.com to download music. 

Are MP3 music Download Sites Legal?

Some MP3 music download sites like Spotify are legal. The majority of the websites that offer free music downloads are illegal. Visiting these dangerous websites can have legal consequences afterward.

How to Download Hindi Songs for Free?

You can use these websites to download Hindi/ Indian songs:

How to Download Pakistani Movie Songs?

Visit these free websites to download Pakistani songs:

What are the Best Free MP3 download Sites?


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