Jasper AI: Is It a Good AI Tool or a Substandard One?

Since ChatGPT dropped in 2022, I’ve seen a plethora of AI tools getting released in order to help people with content creation. However, amongst them, the one that’s actually caught my eyes is Jasper AI. And, no, it was not a fluke by any means.

When it comes to content writing, you can take help from more than one AI tool nowadays. ChatGPT is obviously there to offer you some assistance in your hour of need. Nonetheless, there are some other apps, like Writer, QuillBot, Rytr, that perform pretty efficiently as well.

So, what is it that makes Jasper AI so special?

Let’s find out more about it.

Jasper AI — What is It?

Jasper AI, or Jasper.ai, is a type of AI writing tool, which is designed for almost any form of a marketing copy. Some of these may include the following —

  • Product descriptions
  • Blog posts
  • Advertisement copy
  • Company biographies
  • Social media captions

Jasper AI also comes with a plethora of different templates to choose from. Hence, you can use them in almost any scenario; whether it’s about writing an article or responding to a new review. However, you can also use it for fleshing out new ideas for your business.

Hence, in a way, Jasper AI is perfect for anyone who’s trying to improve their organization’s marketing performance. However, you can also use it as a content writer or creator who isn’t having a good day in the field.

Jasper AI — The Features You Should Keep an Eye on

Like ChatGPT, Jasper AI, too, works mostly considering the type of commands you’re using on the tool. So no matter what you want it to do, the tool will entirely depend on what you’re asking it to do and how you’re doing it. In any case, I think it’s still better to know about the features Jasper comes with, so that you can use it to its full potential.

1: Following Your Unique Brand Voice

Creating a voice of your organization is important for nurturing its branding and creating its very own identity. And, this is something Jasper AI can certainly help you with.

For example, Jasper Brand Voice is a brilliant tool that helps users put their own brand style into AI-generated content. Thus, in a way, it makes sure that everything created matches the company’s identity and tone. It can improve your way of presenting your brand on the web.

What’s even better is that Jasper AI can also learn more about your company from the facts, audiences, product catalogs, and several other talking points.

So, when the AI-generated content created by Jasper AI comes out, you’ll find it to be quite accurate and on-point. Editing the same will also be easier than usual.

2: Writing Perfect Product Descriptions

Jasper can write and create anything and everything you want it to do — whether it’s social media content or a product description. For example, it can help you —

  • Highlight the key features of a product
  • Write generic descriptions
  • Offer an insight on the benefits of the product

This feature can be quite impactful for eCommerce businesses, as you can churn out a large number of articles at once. Also, thanks to its conversational writing feature, it will be easier for the marketers to explain the products to the consumers in the best possible manner.

3: Being a Perfect ChatBot

Jasper Chat is a curious AI-powered tool that offers a more conversational experience than standard chatbots. It understands user intent and responds accordingly, allowing for natural interactions like questions, suggestions, opinions, and feedback without specific commands.

Additionally, it’s linked to a content creation platform, enabling content generation within chat conversations that can be easily transferred into documents.

A Keen Review of Jasper AI

Jasper AI has been in the market since 2022. And during this period, it has offered a plethora of services to its regular users already. But, how good is it really?

Let’s find out more about it.

1: The Language Model

Just like ChatGPT, Jasper AI, too, uses the same GPT-4 language model. That’s why it’s able to provide a lot of correct information without too much human intervention.

However, in my view, it’s still not perfect. And as long as you’re not offering informative or varied prompts, it might not offer the right sort of content to you.

2: Security

Jasper AI uses an industry-standard security module like any other similar tool. I have found it pretty much effective, and the other reviews on the internet also consider it to be safe too.

3: Short-form Content

With the titular tool, you can literally mastercraft any kind of short-form content. It can help you work on emails, copywriting, and much more with ease.

The information provided by the tool might be a little error-prone, though. Thus, I’d suggest you double-check it whenever you get some time in your hands.

4: Long-form Content

Like the previous one, Jasper AI is quite efficient in writing long-form content as well. But, it can write too many repetitive words in a single paragraph, which is quite annoying. Also, I will request you to check the authenticity of statistics here as well.

The Final Verdict

Jasper AI, in a way, is an excellent tool when it comes to content writing. It has its flaws, yes — however, they are not really overwhelming or anything as such.

In my opinion, the tool comes at a very high cost. There is a premium version of it that you have to pay USD 39 a month to have access to.

So, if you’re interested in using the tool, I’d ask you to try the 7-day trial first. This way, you will find out if the app catches your vibe perfectly or not.

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