32 Best Websites to Buy Fashion Jewelry

Your interests in jewelry may be interests in your favorite foods. Not to mention the debate over jewelry made of gold or silver. Regardless of your specific style, there are hundreds of jewelry shops available online. You may attempt to add a new piece to your collection from those.

You can buy those on the occasion or your personal taste. The list is your go-to source. You may choose your next favorite necklace, ring, bracelet, and more from here. We have also picked out a few affordable jewelry brands for those who have a limited budget.

Fashion Jewelry

You can buy jewelry from a store that provides customer care service. Before clicking the purchase option, you should make sure that the business is responsive to customer inquiries. You should be sure that shipping and exchange policies meet your expectations. It is for your reminder that some shops even provide virtual consultations. It is wise to study a bit about the brand before making an online jewelry buy.

1. Jennybird

Jenny Bird
Website: https://jenny-bird.com/

Celebrities are fans of Jennybird, which is one of the best websites to buy fashion jewelry. Ellen Pompeo, Maren Morris, Celine Dion, and Hailey Bieber are some of them who like this brand. The namesake line by self-taught designer Jenny Bird blends classic themes with a muted modern edge. These items look considerably more expensive. Its retail price is less than $200. They can be worn day or night. You may adore the brand’s Nouveau Puffs. They instantly uplift any ensemble and don’t bother your ears.

2. Baublebar

Website: https://www.baublebar.com/

BaubleBar is one of the popular jewelry brands and one of the best websites to buy fashion jewelry. The colors of their items are vibrant and the designs are very creative. Much of their fine jewelry is priced under $200. However, they also have items priced from 14k and 18k gold. This brand is great for gifts. You can customize many of the designs.

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3. Mejuri

Website: https://mejuri.com/

Editors, influencers, and celebrities recognize the Mejuri brand, which is known to all as one of the best websites to buy fashion jewelry. They make beautiful jewelry. Its items may be worn every day. Each exquisite piece is the work of their in-house design team. It is a minimalist’s dream that comes true. Mejuri is committed to establishing a sustainable jewelry company. All items have a two-year warranty. 80% recycled gold and 20% freshly mined gold from ethical sources are used. Its main objective is to ensure that all of its gold can be traced.

4. Missoma

Website: https://www.missoma.com/

Missoma is a popular jewelry brand based in London, UK. It has a wide range of delicate-looking yet striking pieces. Missoma offers a large assortment of jewelry with understated design features.  It lets you stand out from the crowd. You can mix and combine the brand’s layer-friendly pieces to your heart’s content. You can also make your own unique sets.

5. Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth
Website: https://www.brilliantearth.com/

You may confidently wear beautiful jewelry from Brilliant Earth. Ethical sourcing, transparency, and sustainability are the commitments of the business. Recycled gold, conflict-free diamonds, and recycled hardwood packaging are used here. Consumers can help Brilliant Earth achieve its brand goal. Not to mention, it doesn’t hurt. They have an extensive selection of incredibly gorgeous diamond and gemstone rings.

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6. Gorjana

Website: https://www.gorjana.com/

If you want to give off the impression of a carefree, sophisticated California cool girl, this jewelry line is for you. Gorjana’s components are so easily stackable to suit your preferences. You may do away with the time-consuming styling process. If you struggle to construct your own stack, the brand also sells packages of well-chosen components for an uncomplicated look. The brand has a fine jewelry line. It is made of 14k gold. Depending on the usage of gemstones, it costs between $150 and $4,500.

7. J’aime New York

Website: https://jaimeny.com/

You may be introduced to J’Aime New York for its excellent fine jewelry line. Jaime Love is a New York City native. It works as a designer and business owner. She gave her namesake jewelry line a dash of urban edge and elegance. J’Aime’s pendant necklaces stand out in particular. They include prominent charms like animal heads, melted peace signs, and guitar picks. The business even offers thorough bespoke consultation services. It enables you to collaborate with their skilled designers to produce a one-of-a-kind item or revamp an old favorite.

8. The Last line

The Last line
Website: https://www.thisisthelast.com/

There is a huge selection at The Last Line. Necklaces in rainbow colors, huggie hoops, and charms, are some of them. 14k gold is used to make these magnificent jewelry pieces. They contain semi-precious and valuable gemstones. They make them long-lasting. The brand’s tagline is, in fact, “This is the last line of jewelry you’ll ever need”.

9. Bonbonwhims

Website: https://bonbonwhims.com/

Admire the most fashionable, cutest jewelry selection you’ve ever laid eyes on. Founded by Clare Ngai in 2020, Bonbonwhims offers distinctive designs with a strong nod to nostalgia. The designs are influenced by Y2K trends. Chunky resin rings, enamel charms, and campy beaded bracelets are all worth under $200. You can never be down when you’re wearing something from Bonbonwhims.  

10. Catbird

Website: https://www.catbirdnyc.com/

Catbird is the greatest brand and one of the best websites to buy fashion jewelry. It is for those who are looking into vintage-looking jewelry. All of their designs are precious pieces. You can retain them in your collection for years to come. They range from delicate rings with an old vibe to straightforward everyday pieces. Catbird also offers virtual styling consultations and online gift-finder services.

11. Joey Baby

Joey Baby
Website: https://joeybaby.com/

Pearl fans in particular are going to fall in love with Joey Baby New York. Beautiful freshwater pearls in fanciful patterns make up the majority of the brand’s collection. Every piece is made by hand. The finest materials and painstaking are used here. Furthermore, the prices of these magnificent artworks are really affordable. It revolves around affordability “under $50.” Pearls are wonderful complements to any jewelry collection. You will see after seeing Joey Baby’s vibrant and captivating creations.

12. Net-a-porter

Website: https://www.net-a-porter.com/

The Jewelry and Watches area of Net-a-Porter is worth checking out.  You may be acquainted with their incredible assortment of luxury clothing. The online store has over 15,000 pieces. The prices begin from $30 to tens of thousands of dollars. It is sure that you will find your next favorite item here. It may take some time to find by browsing through their extensive collection. The website also provides a very practical exchange and refund policy. You can just start an online return or exchange within 28 days after the purchase. You can arrange for a free pickup. The London-based curator of exquisite jewelry – Net-A-Porter – is a recognized member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

It assures you of the utmost authenticity for the products you see online. The retailer has an in-house staff of fine jewelry buyers. They can assist with personal shopping, and feature well-known brands like Cartier, Hermes, David Morris, and Fred Leighton.

13. Stone and Strand

Stone and Strand
Website: https://www.stoneandstrand.com/

You should check out Stone and Strand if you’re looking for something a little more amusing to add to your collection. In addition to options set in diamonds, the company offers a plethora of candy-colored rings, tennis bracelets, and stud earrings. This company has a wide range of single and pair stud and hoop earrings. These are perfect for filling piercings. It makes it an especially great option for anyone who is looking to expand their collection of go-to earrings. They also offer a ton of styling inspiration on their website.

14. Laura Lombardi

Laura Lombardi
Website: https://www.lauralombardi.com/

You can put on something from Laura Lombardi. You’ll feel like a badass right away. The jewelry business is based in New York. It is known for its vibrant chains, sculpture-inspired earrings, and statement bracelets. Each piece has an industrial feel to it. However, it also features Lombardi’s local New York flair and classic Italian motifs. The pieces are typically around $300. But most of them are about $200. So, they might easily be mistaken for designer goods.

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15. Agmes

Website: https://agmesnyc.com/

Headquartered in New York, Agmes is a jewelry brand. It clearly draws inspiration from contemporary architecture and art. There is a sculpting element in every minimalist piece in the collection. It gives you the impression that you are wearing original artwork. This brand’s dedication to sustainability makes it better. Almost all recycled metals are used in Agmes’s small, internal batch production. It follows a zero-waste methodology.

16. Vrai

Website: https://www.vrai.com/

There are substantial financial and human expenses associated with the mining of diamonds. You can wear it with pride; go no farther than Vrai if you’re looking for ethical diamonds. Vrai Diamonds was created in their zero-emission foundry and one of the best jewelry brands online in 2024. It was then skillfully cut and polished by jewelry artists. You can purchase jewelry without feeling guilty. You won’t want to take off Vrai’s diamond jewelry. It includes stunning engagement rings and shimmering necklaces.

17. Ana Luisa

Ana Luisa
Website: https://www.analuisa.com/

The competitively priced jewelry line Ana Luisa is another favorite of the MC team. Every single piece is hypoallergenic, water- and tarnish-resistant. It is reasonably priced. Better yet, Ana Luisa is committed to sustainability. She steers clear of unnecessary mining, and uses recycled materials whenever possible. She obtains certifications to ensure that her work is 100% carbon neutral. Their clothes are classic and readily matched. It makes them appropriate for every season. They even have good options for gold if you’re seeking for an investment piece.

18. Blue Nile

Blue Nile
Website: https://www.bluenile.com/

Blue Nile is one of the top engagement ring brands and the best website to buy fashion jewelry. It also offers other beautiful products. Blue Nile special is that you may design your own distinctive jewelry from the comforts of your home. Blue Nile can make your vision a reality. Additionally, the business offers virtual consultations with their diamond specialists. You can ask questions and see jewels from different angles. In addition to diamonds, a wide variety of gemstones and birthstone jewelry make wonderful gifts.

19. Awe inspired

Awe inspired
Website: https://aweinspired.com/

Cancer winning Jeweler Jill Johnson was motivated to launch Awe Inspired, a collection of meaningful jewelry that celebrates women’s fortitude. The company’s most well-known product is a goddess quiz. It finds the gorgeous pendant that most accurately represents your personality. It has gone viral. The company offers a variety of items with zodiac patterns, empowerment symbols, and real-life icons. They also sell collecting chains that let you make your own charm bracelet or necklace. All things considered, Awe Inspired’s jewelry is both magnificent and important.

20. Local eclectic

Local Eclectic
Website: https://www.localeclectic.com/

Looking through the designers’ offerings at Local Eclectic is your best chance. You may find the most unique jewelry here. Nearly all of the brands represented by the store employ five people or fewer. Over 70% of them are founded or owned by women. In a nutshell, Local Eclectic’s primary objective is to celebrate female artists worldwide. The designs, materials, and price ranges are remarkably varied. It is ranging from heirloom-quality gold pieces to gemstone rings with an aged vibe. It’s true that every individual and every fashion taste can find something special.

21. Angara

Angara Jewelry
Website: https://www.angara.com/

Angara is a good place to start whether you’re looking for a statement or sentimental ring and one of the best websites to buy fashion jewelry. Angara obtains its diamonds in an ethical and conflict-free manner. It provides a variety of gemstones for its rings. Customizing your designs is one of the best advantages. The type of metal, gemstone, setting, and engraving can be selected to make a unique ring.

22. Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott
Website: https://www.kendrascott.com/

Kendra Scott believes that it is possible to wear even the most distinctive jewelry every day. Her Austin, Texas studio produces the company. It provides clients with personalized stacking rings, tiny diamond bands, and sophisticated yet modern products. Scott gives fine jewelry customers a 25% discount during the month of your birthday. You can set filters based on metal, band style, and ring size.

23. Aurate New York

Aurate New York
Website: https://auratenewyork.com/

Aurate New York is a fine jewelry brand and one of the best websites to buy fashion jewelry. It is very popular for its ethical practices. Recycled gold and sustainably sourced gemstones are used here. It works with fair trade suppliers. Aurate also offers a transparent pricing model. So it is easy to know the true cost of your selections. The jewelry itself is high-quality and stylish. It has a wide range of gold pieces from classic to modern. Here, there is something for everyone.

24. Monica Rich Kosann

Monica Rich Kosann
Website: https://www.monicarichkosann.com/

Monica Rich Kosann creates storytelling jewelry. It is primarily inspired by old jewelry, especially lockets.  Monica Rich Kosann uncovers at antique and flea market finds. Kosann’s online Locket Bar allows you to build lockets with the option of photo addition. Sustainably mined diamonds, sterling silver, and 18k gold are the elements to make rings, bracelets, and other accessories. It creates necklaces and other pieces that each tell their own beautifully detailed story.

25. James Allen

James Allen
Website: https://www.jamesallen.com/

James Allen produces a variety of lab-grown diamonds. It also offers an impressive personalization service. More than 600,000 conflict-free diamonds in a variety of cuts and pricing points are available from the company. You can start with a ring like the Petite Pavé Engagement Ring. You can also select the diamond setting and stone. There is a scope to inspect your design on screen from any angle to make sure it’s perfect.

26. Quince

quince jewelry
Website: https://www.quince.com/women/jewelry

Quince is a relatively new addition to the jewelry industry and one of the best places to buy jewelry online. It has quickly become popular for its affordable prices and high-quality pieces. It is located in San Francisco-based. 14k gold and sterling silver are used in its jewelry. Timeless and versatile designs are available here. It also offers free shipping and returns.

27. Ring Concierge

Ring Concierge
Website: https://ringconcierge.com/

You can have the entire selection of bracelets, earrings, and necklaces from Ring Concierge. You can wear those items for a long time. In contrast to numerous other brands on this list, RC demands a larger financial budget. If you’re ready to pay a little extra, you can purchase a tennis bracelet or a simple diamond stacking ring for less money than many renowned jewelers. Several of the best-selling pieces, like stacking rings that cost less than $200 and diamond ear cuffs, are priced at less than $1000.

28. Susan Alexandra

Susan Alexandra
Website: https://www.susanalexandra.com/

When it comes to Susan Alexandra, having fun is a key matter. The company’s jewelry line, which has a similar whimsical atmosphere, is highly famous. They even have a section devoted to beaded fruit earrings. It offers a crafty make-your-own jewelry option. You can pick your own colorful charms.

29. Studs

studs jewelry
Website: https://studs.com/

With so many options for studs, you may create the perfect earscape. It is one of the best online jewelers for delicate earrings and the best online jewelry store in 2024. Simple studs, various sized hoops, and huggies with cute charms are all available.  14-karat gold plating keeps prices down; an earring costs $14.

30. Sequin

sequin jewelry
Website: https://www.sequin-nyc.com/

Sequin makes jewelry and is famous as the best online website for affordable fashion. Its styles are varied. Necklaces and chokers are made of baroque pearls. It is adorned with astrological symbols and gemstone earrings.  Their finely made semi-precious jewelry is sure to turn heads. With a variety of ornate charms and gold chains, you may design your own personalized necklace.

31. Noémie

noémie jewelry
Website: https://www.hellonoemie.com/

Noémie offers classic tennis bracelets and playful diamond studs. It is one of the best places to buy cheap Jewelry for custom pieces.

32. Ariel Gordon

Ariel Gordon Jewelry
Website: https://www.arielgordonjewelry.com/

Ariel Gordon is a Los Angeles-based brand and one of the best websites to buy fashion jewelry. It is a celebrity favorite. The pieces in the collection are meant to be worn repeatedly.

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